Mermaiding courses

Mermaiding Specialty Course

We’ve spent years creating an unparalleled student experience for our freediving courses. As one of the original mermaiding schools in Australia, through our experience and knowledge we are are able to provide

Ideal For:
Escaping into a mermaid dreamscape, no matter your life experience
Ages: 6+
Time commitment: 4hrs

Basic Mermaid

Introduction to Mermaiding

Begin your mermaid experience safely with a personalised approach. This is the ideal way to know what it feels like to transform into a mermaid. the experience can be held at your local pool, or at your private pool by special arrangement. The Basic Mermaid certification course consists of both a mermaid briefing and water session.

To enrol into the basic mermaid course you do not need any previous experience. You must be able to swim at least 25m and float comfortably at the surface for at least 3 minutes.

PADI Mermaid

Mermaiding fundamentals

The aim of this couse is to build the foundations of mermaiding techniques. It’s dedicated to anyone who has never used a monofin and is keen to learn how, or would like to improve their technique. Leading the way to showcase your mermaid skills and underwater modelling desires, begin swim comfortably underwater on the PADI Mermaid course. This class consists of a knowledge development session and two confined water sessions. This course is ideal for confident swimmers who are ready to enhance their mermaid and underwater performance skills. You might already be thinking about the potential for a mermaiding career or working as an underwater model.

To enrol into the mermaid course you do not need any previous experience. You must be able to swim at least 50m and float comfortably on the surface for 5 minutes.

Ideal For:
Trying the feeling of turning into a mermaid and learning how to swim with a monofin.
Ages: 10+
Time commitment: 6hrs
Ideal For:
Experienced mermaids who are looking to improve technique and explore the open water environment
Ages: 12+
Time commitment: 8hrs

Advanced Mermaid

Experienced mermaiding

A course made for the open water mermaid, to safety swim in the ocean. The PADI Advanced Mermaid course will take you to deeper depths introducing safe equalisation techniques as well as how to keep yourself and your fellow mer-folk safe in the water. This course includes knowledge development sessions and two open water sessions

Enrol into the advanced mermaid course you must already hold a mermaiding certification You must be able to swim at least 100m and float comfortably on the surface for at least 10 minutes.

mermaiding instructor

Would you like to be able to share your favourite activity with your family, friends and the rest of the world? Bring fun into your job and joy into the lives of those that you teach. Our high-quality standards and personalized training make it easy to become a professional PADI Mermaid Instructor. Learn how to create safe and comfortable mermaid students allowing them to leave your courses with a internationally recognised mermaiding certification.

Learn how to create safe and comfortable mermaiding students allowing them to leave your courses with an internationally recognised mermaiding certification. Enrol and begin anytime that suits you after chatting with our team here at Adventure Freedivers!

This course suits experienced Mermaid divers that are wanting to start a career as a Mermaiding Instructor

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Meet our lead instructor

Maxine has attained the highest level of Freediving instruction being a PADI Instructor Trainer as well as Molchanov's and Apnea Total. Although she has competed in Freediving competitions and coached athletes, she loves the recreational side of freediving. The misunderstood sport of freediving, otherwise known in the media as being dangerous, impacted her life through opening up different methods of coping and dealing with stress along with injury management in a low impact environment. She has now spread this same joy of freediving to hundreds of students.

Safety is always our priority

Safety is our priority, so correct techniques, drills, repetition and practice under qualified supervision will ensure you are never in harms way.

Learn how to self rescue & look after your mermaiding friends underwater with an internationally accredited certification course